Purine content of Meat

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IDNamePurine (mg/100g)Purine (mg)/PortionPortion(g) 
81leg of lamb51128250
527Wild boar70140200
526Putenschnitzel, roh5075150
57Duck meat, with skin67100150
316Farmhouse bratwurst5380150
62Goose meat, with skin80120150
63Rabbit meat71107150
64Chicken, fried, with skin6598150
65Chicken breast with skin73110150
66Chicken breast without skin5582150
67Chicken bone with skin4669150
69Deer meat6597150
79Rabbit meat6395150
80Leg of calf88132150
83Pork cutlet82123150
90Horse meat116171150
92Turkey meat, with skin91137150
93Deer meat6496150